Additional Ratings

Seaplane Rating

If you are a certified & proficient single-engine land pilot, the Single Engine Sea add on rating requires a few hours of training and a check ride with an FAA examiner.  During your seaplane training you will learn to handle an airplane on the water, understand the environment for wind speed and direction information, verify the suitability of a landing area, and secure the airplane at a beach, ramp, dock or mooring buoy.  You’ll also acquire better judgment, as your choice of runway, traffic pattern and parking spot of your choice alone.


Instrument Rating

Instrument flight training teaches you to fly among the clouds but it also teaches you to be a better precision pilot.  The IFR system is a series of rules and procedures.  A safe pilot is one that recognizes limitations and seeks a training partnership which facilitates growth required to undertake a new certificate or rating.

Commercial Rating

A commercial pilot is paid for their services, these services can include, local scenic flights, ferry flights, crop dusting, banner towing, aerial photography, fire fighting and can get your flight instructor rating.  Some say the commercial rating is a glorified private pilot because many of the maneuvers are the same.  You want to become the master of the plane and be smooth and skillful in what you do.