Diamond Eclipse DA-20-C1

(Instruction, Rental, Charter)

Diamond Eclipse DA-20-C1 Flight Manual

The DA-20-C1 Eclipse is the highly-acclaimed new trainer for the 21st century pilot.

Incorporating the latest technological advances in composite materials, superior craftsmanship, and a Garmin 430/420, this aircraft is a perfect trainer with all the feel of a high-performance aircraft. The Eclipse is also a popular rental aircraft for new and experienced pilots.

The Eclipse also provides a very economical charter option for one passenger with light baggage. The DA-20 can get you and 45 lbs of almost anything from Grass Valley to Oakland in just over an hour – literally making it possible to be on-time for a breakfast meeting anywhere in the Bay Area and easily back at home or the office for lunch.

The DA-20 received a new look in January 2017

Ceiling 12,000 ft.
Max Range 500 nm
Max Cruise Speed 133 KTAS / 150 MPH

Engine: Continental IO-240 125 hp

Avionics: Garmin GNS 430 & 420

Maximum Takeoff Weight 1764 lbs.
Useful Load 416 lbs.


Lake Buccaneer Seaplane

(Instruction, Rental)

Lake LA-4-200 Owners Manual

Lake LA-4-200 Flight Manual

Lake LA-4-200

The Lake LA-4-200 is a four-place, single-engine, amphibious seaplane with retractable landing gear and FUN built right into the design.

The Buccaneer is an IFR/VFR aircraft with a yoke-mounted Garmin GPS to help you find all those out-of-the-way seaplane bases where you can swim and fish right from the plane. It comes with all the safety equipment and flotation devices you’ll need to get your ASES rating and start flying to your favorite lakes.

And since the Buccaneer is a complex and high-performance aircraft, you can add three new ratings to your logbook in one day!

Ceiling 14,700 ft.
Max Range 825 nm
Max Cruise Speed 133 KTAS / 150 MPH

Engine: Lycoming IO-360-B1A 200 hp

Avionics: Analog; Yoke-Mounted GPS

Maximum Takeoff Weight 2690 lbs.
Useful Load 1135 lbs.

Cessna 400 Corvalis

(Charter or Commercial Pilot)




Ceiling 25,000 ft.

Max Range 100NM

Max Cruise Speed 200KTS/ 235 MPH

Engine: Continental TSIO-550

Avionics: G1000


Maximum Takeoff Weight 3600lbs.

Useful Load: 1100lbs.

Cessna Skylane

(Charter Only)

Picture 010

The Cessna C-182 Skylane is a four-place, single-engine, high-performance workhorse whose reputation in the aviation world is legendary.

Our Skylane is superbly equipped for anything from busy international airports to back-country dirt strips, and we have lots of experience flying into both. The Garmin 530 GPS and full autopilot make it almost as comfortable for the pilot as it is for the passengers.

With 3 available passenger seats, ample baggage space and a jack for charging your mobile devices, the Skylane is the perfect choice for getting you where you need to be, and cessna-landingback home again in time for dinner.

Ceiling 18,900 ft.
Max Range 810 nm
Max Cruise Speed 140 KIAS / 160 MPH

Engine: Continental O-470-R 230 hp

Maximum Takeoff Weight 2800 lbs.
Useful Load 1145 lbs.

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